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Skip tracing

Skip tracing service helps identify borrowers' other addresses, phone numbers and personal identification that Financial Institutions sent to PCB.

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Benchmarking report

Benchmark report is built based on diversed criteria with the ability to customize on demand, allowing Financial Institutions to assess their current situation, supply trends and performance compared to the whole market.

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Credit Scoring

Chấm điểm tín dụng

The service allows to assess borrowers by their scores and predict the repayment ability of the borrowers in the next 12 months.

•Classify borrowers

•Compare borrowers to the whole market

•Integrate into automated loan system

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No-Hit Score

The system uses AI with more than 100 different variables to offer a scoring model for new customers with high quality.

Diverse data comes from various sources such as demographic information, loan request, territorial information, information obtained at the time of query, etc …

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Portfolio Management


Portfolio explorer allows to report the current status of borrowers in the portfolio. The report information helps:

•Control all risks of the credit portfolio

•Classify borrowers according to their level of risk

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ID Protection 365 - Understand and Take control of your credit profile

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